PLBs are multi-function logistics warehouses that are used by importers and exporters to store goods originating from outside the Indonesian customs area and/or goods from other places in the Indonesian customs area with facilitations such as:

Fiscal Facility

  • Suspension of Import Duty
  • Non-Collection of Import Tax (VAT, Import Income Tax)
  • Non-Collection of VAT on Income Domestic

Storage Period

  • Storage Period of 3 Years by Getting Facilities

Goods Inbound Flexibility

  • Can Stockpile Import and Export Goods
  • From Abroad as well as from within the Country
  • Suspension of Restrictions

Self - Managed Bonded

  • Independently Supervision for Certain PLB

Ownership Status of Goods

  • PLB's Own
  • Owned by Suppliers Overseas (Consignment)
  • Owned by People in the Country (Entrusted)

Simple Activity

  • Simple Processing such as Non Manufacturing Activities can be Conducted in PLB

Goods Outbound Flexibility

  • Can be Partially
  • Imposition of Taxes and Import Duties According to Expenditure

Completion of Temporarily Import Goods

The Entry of Cost Recovery Goods to PLB Completes Export Obligations for Temporary Imports

Our Bonded Logistics Center (PLB) Locations:


PLB Bekasi

PLB Logistics Warehouse in area GIIC, Deltamas with facilities Modern Warehouse, 5 Docking Systems, CCTV, Forklift, IT Inventory Control, Trucking and Security


PLB Surabaya

PLB Logistics Warehouse in Kalianak, Surabaya with facilities 3 Docking Doors and 3 Access Demolition in-house, CCTV, Forklift, IT Inventory Control, Trucking and Security