The very first and #1 ODOMETER GPS Technology in Indonesia with various features to meet your domestic enterprise’s fleet demands
We strictly focus on the most essential GPS Tracking purpose which is location accuracy and history logs
Simple real-time tracking from your device serving you in user-friendly operating platform and environment

iTrak GPS Tracking

iTrak GPS Tracking provides the largest GPS Tracking website in Indonesia to many users and supported by dozens of reliable distribution partners in Indonesia.

iTrak envisions a GPS Tracking service which is easy to use, simple to operate and give round the clock reliability to our users. In iTrak, we cultivate the spirit of innovation to improve customer satisfaction as we develop advanced features to make their tracking experience easier and meaningful.

As steps to fulfill that vision, iTrak commits ourselves with the following mission statements:

  • Provide GPS Tracking equipments which are safe, affordable and easy to use (Plug and Play)
  • Provide a simple website, easy to use iTrak GPS Tracking website that will help companies increase their productivity

iTrak development team is experienced with more than 10 years of GPS Tracking technology and still continue to work closely with principal software developer in America for integration with Google Map Technology.

Through consistent effort and dedication, iTrak is conmmitted to further strengthening the high level of trust earned from our customers for the years to come.


The very first and #1 Odometer GPS Technology in Indonesia with various features to meet your domestic or enterprise’s fleet demands.


The most prominent monitoring device that guides you right and track you bright.


Real-time tracking from your device serving you in simple and customer-friendly operating system that even your kids can set.


Official certification by Indonesia’s Ministry of Telecommunication and high demand in Europe, Africa, and USA markets.