Cooling Water Solution

CrestoGuard C Series – Formulated and ready to use for cooling systems with LSI values of -1.0 to +3.0. Suitable for service companies that prefer not to blend their additives or wish to improve on their existing formulations. Meet regulations where legislation requires low or no phosphorus in the discharge water with CrestoGuard C solutions and maintain optimum cycles of concentration while controlling scale, fouling corrosion and microbiological growth.

Also includes a scale and corrosion inhibitor for systems with calcium hardness levels in the cooling water return between 70-400ppm in a single product. Low phosphorus (Low P) content of <4% and stable in well controlled halogenated systems. Reduce your inventory with a single solution instead of traditionally having to stock both corrosion inhibitors and scale inhibitors.

Newly improved solid tablet solutions for sites with several small/medium sized (50-400RT) cooling towers, absence of proper dosing facilities, power supply, bunded chemical storage area, systems with no/poor blowdown control or sites with difficult access; e.g. carrying pails up a Jacob ladder/flight of steps to cooling towers located on rooftop. Improve the safety and chemical handling aspect for your service team and differentiate your solutions from other service providers.

Scale Control

CrestoGuard 464 is the next generation of polymeric antiscalants designed to replace phosphonates like PBTC in formulations. With highly effective scale inhibition and dispersant properties, CrestoGuard 464 is the prime solution for your scaling problems in moderate to severe hardness water conditions.

Besides that, CrestoGuard 551 and CrestoGuard 459 Series is the most effective phosphorous-free and nitrogen-free calcium carbonate antiscalant that is targeted for use in high hardness, high silica, high alkalinity and high temperature cooling water systems. It can be used as a stand-alone or as a stand-alone or as a multifunctional additive in either cooling water formulations or other related and similar applications.

CrestoGuard C Series provides its users with the following benefits:

  • Excellent calcium carbonate & calcium sulfate inhibition.
  • Superior silt dispersion.
  • Superior silica scale inhibition, above 350 ppm in the cooling water return.
  • Iron oxide dispersancy.
  • Zinc stabilization.
  • Cost effective calcium carbonate & calcium sulfate scale inhibition in moderate to severe conditions, where LSI is approaching +3.0.
  • Higher cost effectivity for phosphonate-based programmes.
  • Low phosphorous content to align to discharge regulations.

Corrosion Inhibitor

CrestoGuard 402 is a multifunctional scale and corrosion inhibitor targeted to handle systems with cooling water return (CWR) calcium hardnes levels of between 70-400 pm is a single product.

CrestoGuard 402 provides formulation with:

  • Enhanced corrosion control and strong scale protection as well as good zinc stabilization properties.
  • Alternative to phosphate programs, as it is inherently biodegradable and has a low P content.
  • Excellent opportunities to simplify blending processes, reducing raw material inventory.
  • Solution for meeting regulations that require low P discharge limits.

CrestoGuard 402 is stable in well-controlled low halogenated cooling systems. Its corrosion inhibition activity is not affected by high levels of chloride or sulphate ions.

Biocidal Control

CrestoPro C178 is a highly effective, synergistic broad spectrum microbiocide and biodispersant for use in majority industrial process water.

CrestoPro C178 is an aqueous dual-active biocide that:

  • Kills bacteria, algae, and fungus, including Legionella pneumophila.
  • Provides excellent biofouling control.
  • Removes biofilm more effectively than traditional non-oxidizing biocides like isothiazoline.
  • Gives improved and more cost effective result when used synergistically with any of the oxidizing biocides.
  • Can enhance the efficiency of other corrosion inhibitors by 3%-5% more, such as Zinc salt or Sulfonate compounds, and even with Azoles for improved yellow metal corrosion inhibition.
  • Suitable for geothermal cooling tower applications.

CrestoPro C140 is a highly effective, specialized algaecide for use in industrial cooling and ornamental water systems. CrestoPro C140 is particularly effective in combination with chlorine and bromine based oxidizing biocides, ensuring cost effective and prolonged protection against all identified strains of algae, even at low halogen levels.

CrestoPro C140 has the following benefits and advantages over traditional algal control agents, especially when combined with the presence of free halogens:

  • 8-times better algal inhibition than non-oxidizing biocides such as glutaraldehyde or DBNPA.
  • Selective control of all algal growth by inhibiting photosynthesis.
  • Eliminates many of the problems caused by unchecked algal growth (i.e. – loss of cooling efficiency, increased corrosion, blockages and unsightly visible contamination)
  • Cost effective and prolonged due to the mode of action of the treatment. Together with halogens, they have a different mode of biocidal action which ensures micro-organisms cannot become resistant.
  • It does not foam, and is compatible with scale and corrosion inhibitions and is not lost by adsorption onto organic material.

CrestoPro C140 selectively controls the growth of all algae by inhibiting photosynthesis. It inhibits the photoreduction of water (Hill Reaction) in algae photosynthesis. This is a process of light-induced electron transport, whereby light energy is trapped in a pigment system (chlorophyll) and converted to chemical energy.

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