PLBs are multi-function logistics warehouses that are used by importers and exporters to store goods originating from outside the Indonesian customs area and/or goods from other places in the Indonesian customs area with facilitations such as:

Fiscal Facility

  • Suspension of Import Duty
  • Non-Collection of Import Tax (VAT, Import Income Tax)
  • Non-Collection of VAT on Income Domestic

Storage Period

  • Storage Period of 3 Years by Getting Facilities

Goods Inbound Flexibility

  • Can Stockpile Import and Export Goods
  • From Abroad as well as from within the Country
  • Suspension of Restrictions

Self – Managed Bonded

  • Independently Supervision for Certain PLB

Ownership Status of Goods

  • PLB’s Own
  • Owned by Suppliers Overseas (Consignment)
  • Owned by People in the Country (Entrusted)

Simple Activity

  • Simple Processing such as Non Manufacturing Activities can be Conducted in PLB

Goods Outbound Flexibility

  • Can be Partially
  • Imposition of Taxes and Import Duties According to Expenditure

Completion of Temporarily Import Goods

  • The Entry of Cost Recovery Goods to PLB Completes Export Obligations for Temporary Imports

Our Bonded Logistics Center (PLB) Locations:

PLB Bekasi

PLB Logistics Warehouse in area GIIC, Deltamas with facilities Modern Warehouse, 5 Docking Systems, CCTV, Forklift, IT Inventory Control, Trucking and Security

PLB Surabaya

PLB Logistics Warehouse in Kalianak, Surabaya with facilities 3 Docking Doors and 3 Access Demolition in-house, CCTV, Forklift, IT Inventory Control, Trucking and Security

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